Purpose + People

Know YOUR Purpose, Attract YOUR People: The Foundation for Your 6 Figure Business

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People buy WHY you do something not WHAT you're selling.

Do you know without a doubt why you're in business? Do others? 

If you aren't communicating your purpose clearly and in a compelling way you won't succeed in business. Sure, you might be able to sell some programs and book a few clients but you'll be working your ass of to maintain that.

You won't have the freedom your heart desires.

When you know who you are and why you're here, then you can build a business that serves people in a significant way. You will not only set yourself apart from the crowd of other coaches and healers, you will connect deeply with the exact people who are hungry to hire you. 

To do work that feels like play, makes a big impact in the lives of your clients, and yields a 6-figure income, you must be crystal clear about your PURPOSE and the PEOPLE you (and only you) are meant to lead.

My people are empathic coaches and healers - visionaries - doing transformational work but aren't leveraging their gifts effectively. 

My people, on some level, are hiding who they are. And while they have a deep desire to help others, they still have some healing to do. Unfortunately, their marketing reflects that.

It's all over the place. 

If that's you, instead of making a six figure income, you're making less than half that. But you know you have something unique to offer and that people need your medicine.

The problem is, you don't know where to focus. The formula you were taught in your certification course isn't working to bring in the $10k a month you envisioned. 

You need a clear starting point from which to build a solid business that consistently attracts ideal clients in a way that feels aligned with your heart's desire and your soul's purpose.

That starting point is PURPOSE + PEOPLE. 


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Your Soul's Purpose

How to turn the pain of your past into your medicine and talk about it in a way that draws people in.

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Your Ideal Client

How to get into the mind of the person who needs your medicine and speak their language so they find you.

Heal Yourself. Help Others. Make Six Figures.

If you don't know who you are and why you're here, you'll never succeed in business. This workshop will answer those key questions so you can get busy making the impact and income you desire!

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Key benefits from this class

  • discover who you truly are
  • crystalize what you (and only you) are on this planet to do
  • transform your past into purpose
  • know the spiritual motive behind the work you’re bringing to the world
  • become moved and inspired by your body of work
  • be able to share your purpose with the world in a way they understand
  • define exactly who your work serves
  • pinpoint the problem your medicine solves for them
  • use the ideal client 'dossier' to target your marketing


Be the BADASS You Were Born to Be.

Build a solid foundation for your six figure business.

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