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Lightworker Launch

Start Your Online Business and Market Your Medicine to the People Who Are Hungry to Hire You

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Define Your Ideal Client

Know exactly what to say in your marketing to attract the people who are eager to work with you.

Create Your Signature Program

Solve a singular and critical problem with your signature program (aka your medicine) to help people transform.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Generate leads with ease by going where your people are and master the art of enrollment so you can make money.

"I have worked with 3 spiritually oriented business coaches over the years and spent a significant amount of money investing in my online business. Hands down, Colette's training program for lightworkers was the best business development program I have ever experienced. The other programs I joined that claimed the business 'formula' did not address the personal development that is required in order to have the Universe attract the clients with whom we are meant to serve. Colette is an absolute master of what she teaches. She has done her work and uses her intuitive spidey senses to connect you with the highest version of yourself. That is absolutely priceless and is worth every penny. I cannot give any higher recommendation."

Dr. Michael Smith
Founder, Empath Connection

How would you feel with $20k in savings?

What would you do with the time you save NOT HUSTLING?

Are you a lightworker who knows how to help people but you’re struggling to make a steady income? Let’s get you magnetizing your ideal clients with marketing that gets results.

YOUR people need you to speak directly to them. Your job is NOT to be everything to everyone. When you know exactly who you serve and why, they will literally say to you, “I’m so glad I found you.”

Lightworker Launch is perfect for healers and holistic service providers who want to make a living sharing their 'medicine'.

Imagine 10+ ideal clients who’ve paid in full up-front and are eager to get to work with you. They do the work and get the results and become raving fans of yours so you get referral after referral. How would that impact your business?

We are not meant to “hustle and grind” we are meant to work in a state of “flow and grace.”

Take advantage of my hard work and diligence to understand what actually works for heart-based business owners like us. 

Alright, here are some logistics for you to look at. Read to the end and if you’re feeling the vibe, click the button and let’s get you making the income and impact you dream about.


WHAT you do (elevator pitch) - no more “I’m a life coach or energy healer”!

WHO you do it for (ideal clients) - so you know exactly what to say to attract your tribe.

WHY you do it (your big why) - Your confidence will skyrocket when you get this.

WHAT they want/need (point of no return and your signature program) - people buy first with emotions then justify with logic. When you know exactly what YOUR PEOPLE desire and fear, you’ll hold the key to unlock their imagination and their transformation.

HOW & WHERE you show up - so you get the greatest return on your time and energy investment. And you go where your people already are.

GO TO MARKET strategy (generate leads) - Understand the nuts and bolts of how to build your email list and get clients rapidly.

ENROLLMENT convo (get hired) - this is the point where you build and ensure trust from/with the client.

CLIENT MANAGEMENT process (get results) - I’ll give you my system to copy.

RELATIONSHIP building (get referrals) - how to be a badass networker.

The majority of this is geared toward MARKETING your unique offering (YOU!) so that your perfect clients find you and sign up to work with you.

What makes a perfect client?

They have a specific problem they are actively seeking a solution to AND they’re ready to INVEST in the solution. Trust me, hustling for clients sucks and is not a good way to build a new coaching practice. Or any business for that matter.

This is a 3-month program. We meet 2x week over the phone (recorded calls for reference later). There are exercises and other resources to support your progress and a Facebook group to stay accountable and expand your network.

Heads Up: This is not just a marketing program… YOU WILL ALSO TRANSFORM AT A SOUL LEVEL…so you can live your most kick-ass life.

That last part is WHY I do what I do. I believe the world needs sensitive souls like us to be healthy and happy AF, doing work we love that provides for the kind of life we dream of. This is our MAGIC.

I can help ya unmask that magic. :) 

"Taking this course was a LIFE CHANGING experience!!! I was not expecting such a huge transformation in my life when I signed up. I am a single mom who was working a full-time corporate job, juggling a life that left me feeling unfulfilled and exhausted. Step by step, Colette showed me the way towards my mission on this planet, which brought me to a crossroads - stay at my corporate job or take the leap of faith into my destiny. I made a decision to take the leap of faith, and I have no regrets! Colette is amazing at what she does, and has been the light when I was in a very dark place; unsure and scared of where my life was going. She ignited a fire inside, and has shown me a simple way to begin my Lightworker Mission to Humanity. "

Kristielyn Jones
Empowered Empath Consulting

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Next Course Starts April 2021

"Before working with Colette, I struggled with understanding who my ideal client is and I couldn’t seem to get the necessary clarity to move from idea to program. The "dossier module" helped me really define who I needed to be talking to. The "enrollment module" showed me how to take those people from potential to paying clients."

Bradford Scott Walton
Co-Founder, Spiritual Masochist

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