What Happens When You Master Your Sensitivities? You Become The Badass You Were Born To Be.

As the founder and CEO of Badass Empath United, Colette Davenport lives her life’s purpose “leading empaths to their fullest potential so they can be the badasses they were born to be.”

Colette knows firsthand the struggle of being different in a world that values fitting in. She also knows the satisfaction and success that comes from owning those differences and standing out. She believes people with empathic sensitivities are meant to develop their gifts and build businesses that leverage their emotional intelligence and intuitive guidance. As an international coach, speaker, and author of Get Your Magic Back: Emotional Mastery for Empaths, Colette is on a mission to help coaches and healers come out of hiding and claim their roles as leaders in the transformational space. Her next book, The Six Figure Healer, is slated to be out next year.

“In my early experience as an empathic coach, not having the tools to navigate my sensitivities or the guidance to make good money made me feel discouraged. Over the course of two decades I’ve learned how to trust my inner guidance, stand out in the market, and build a 6-figure business that helps people transform their lives rapidly. I share my wisdom and systems with other empaths who are ready to be the badasses they were born to be.”

Colette's approach to empathic development is uniquely suited to today's achievement-oriented lifestyle. She engages people in a loving and no-bullshit conversation so they can get clear, get connected, and get on with living an extraordinary life. Private clients and presentation audiences are able to understand their soul’s purpose, tap into their passion, and effectively navigate the uncomfortable emotions that tend to get in the way. Our programs generate lasting transformation (rather than instant gratification), leading to a client's most kick-ass life.

In an effort to contribute to her community, in 2009 Colette founded Cause to Celebrate. The non-profit produced events to raise funds and awareness for charities like Life Works, Safe Place, and The Austin Zoo while giving sponsoring local businesses exposure to the philanthropic social segment.